Value Your Trade

Once you’ve taken all of our advice into account, we’d love to hear from you and get your vehicle appraised! Fill out our form below, with your basic information, then we’ll be in contact for a more formal discussion and lay out the steps to get your vehicle appraised!

Value Your Trade-In at Roadway Auto and Sport

You may want to sell us your vehicle, but have no clue what it may be worth. Our on-hand team can appraise your vehicle and give you a price based on a number of qualities, including year, make, condition, and more. We’ve made it easy for you to get started on this process, with our handy form that just needs some of your contact and vehicle information so we can get better acquainted and get the valuation process started.

How Much is My Vehicle Worth?

Unfortunately, we can’t just give you a price number based solely on the information you tell us, there’s a lot that goes into making up the price of a vehicle. We have a comprehensive process that ensures we give you fair market value. It’s important to us to see the vehicle in person, so we can give it a thorough inspection and provide an accurate appraisal. We welcome both pictures and video of your vehicle, to allow us to provide a better evaluation for those who wish to complete this process as distanced as possible. Specifically, we’re looking for important visual aids that cover the front, side, tires, VIN, odometer reading and of any damage. When you get in contact with one of our staff members, we’ll easily be able to guide you along the process, and what we need from you to find out how much your vehicle is worth.

How Can I Make My Vehicle Worth More?

If you want to get the best value possible for your vehicle, we have a couple tips that will ensure you’re able to reach the potential that your car may be worth.

Clean your Car

Nobody likes a dirty car, let alone when prospecting one, so make sure your car looks and smells as good as can be, by giving both the exterior and interior a thorough clean and removing any miscellaneous items or personal effects that don’t need to be in there. If you want to go a step beyond just cleaning your vehicle, get it detailed as well to truly make it sparkle and shine.

Minor Fixes

If there’s any lingering minor fixes you’ve neglected to get done, think about getting them repaired. Even something as small as chrome badging or a bad light may not seem like a big issue, but it’s often very noticeable, and usually doesn’t cost all that much to fix up.


Have off-season tires to go along with your vehicle? Add-on accessories for convenience or utility? Whatever additional pieces you have to go along with your vehicle can provide a nice sweetening of the pot to put it over the edge with some additional benefits that come along with the vehicle.

Provide Documents

Do you maintain your car regularly? Get it serviced when need be, repaired properly if it ever required such jobs? If you do, and have all the paperwork to back it up (hint: if you don’t you should start keeping it), this can go a long way in proving the care and quality that went into your vehicle, ensuring it’s a quality vehicle.