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Different types of tires

What’s the difference in winter and all season tires? What ones are better for me? Winter tires obviously are meant for the winter time because of the winter conditions. We live in Saskatchewan where the winter weather is up and down a lot with snow, rain, ice and below zero temperatures, most of the time in the the double digits below zero.


Winter rubber is made with different compounds that help it grip better to the road in colder temperatures. The tread is also more intense and has a bunch of lines in the treads that help get more traction in snow. They say that snow on snow contact has better grip and thats what these lines in the treads do. Snow goes into these creases and develops a snow on snow contact and gives you better grip when driving.

This diagram will help you understand the different types of tire tread and their benefits 

We stock tires from all brands whether you need Continental, Firestone, Hercules, Pirelli, Cooper Tires, Good Year, BF Goodrich, Toyo, Michelin, Hankook, Bridgestone, and many more! Winter tires, all-season tires, mudding tires, studded tires, whatever you need we will have your tires in stock. See tires cheaper else where? We will beat their price!*


Included with your tire installation is tire balancing so we will make sure the tire isn’t bouncing around all over the place when you’re driving.


Don’t want your old tires? We will recycle them for you!

*some restrictions apply. See store for details.