While we do allow walk-ins, we’re often fairly booked up, so we recommend you schedule an appointment ahead of time to ensure your vehicle gets the proper time it needs with us. If you have any questions or want to inquire more about a specific service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Service Department at Roadway Auto and Sport

For a service department who can do all common service and maintenance work you need done on your vehicle, come to Roadway Auto and Sport, it’s the easy choice in Saskatchewan! While we don’t have a body shop to offer any major repair work, what we do provide is high quality service for everything from oil changes to tire swaps to brake work. We also sell a wide variety of parts, and have a skilled service team on-hand ready to accessorize and upfit your vehicle. Serving all makes and models, whatever the maintenance job that needs to be done, our service team here at Roadway Auto and Sport will get it done efficiently and at a high level.

Service Work Offerings

What sort of work can you expect from our service department? We’re focused on tackling the majority of common needs that arise across vehicle ownership, and those typical ones that are required annually, or several times throughout the year. This is highlighted by, but not limited to, tire changes (as well as selling tires), wheel alignments, brake fixes, oil changes and electrical work. If there’s something you require in specific for your vehicle, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to outline our services in full.

Parts & Accessories

Along with servicing and maintaining your vehicle so it can keep operating at its prime potential, we also offer a wide variety of parts and accessories. Whether you need a replacement part, just want to accessorize your vehicle with a personal touch, or add a bit more convenience or utility to your ride, we can help out. Not only will we sell you the part or accessory, but we can install it as well. No matter if it’s a lift kit, upfitting, lights or an add-on like a tonneau cover, we’ll get your vehicle looking exactly how you like.

Highly Skilled Mechanics

A service department is often only as good as the staff that runs it, and our Roadway Auto and Sport team is top class. Headed by journeyman mechanics with years in the industry, there’s few service jobs that our highly-trained and certified team hasn’t come across. Filled out with a variety of mechanics with high-level certifications, you can be sure that when you drop off your vehicle with us, it’ll receive top care from those most qualified. And, when you do leave your vehicle with us, our shuttle service will take you wherever you need to go within the city.