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Sell Your Car to Us at Roadway Auto and Sport

Want to sell your car for cash? We’ll buy it off you! You don’t even have to buy a vehicle from us, if you’ve had enough of your current vehicle and just want to turn it into cash, we can help you out! We have a vast inventory of used vehicles, from years of being in business, but we’re always looking for fresh options for our customers who’re looking for their next vehicle. We do so by sourcing some of the best models from people like you, so we can guarantee only high quality vehicles will be on our lot.

Guaranteed Offer for Your Vehicle

Everybody who wants to sell their vehicle to us will be guaranteed an offer. Of course, offers are dependent on the quality, year, make, mileage and a selection of other qualities, but if you want to get rid of your vehicle for cash, we’ll make it happen. We’re not specific to models, we’re open to anything, although newer models with lower mileage tend to be in higher demand with our customer base.

Value Your Trade for the Best Price

We can’t just go by your description and specifications of the vehicle you want to sell, we need to evaluate it ourselves! To help with the process, our Value Your Trade form easily puts us in contact with you, after some entry-level customer and vehicle information, then we can get in touch with you and get the ball rolling on this simple process. Seeing the vehicle in person gives us the most accurate appraisal, but if you aren’t able to bring it in, we also encourage you to send us videos and pictures of your vehicle, covering areas like the front, side, tires, odometer and any damage.

Ready to sell? Fill out our form below to get in touch with us, and we’ll start the process toward buying your vehicle! You’ll receive a no-obligation offer, good for 7 days.

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