Oil Change

Do I really need to change my engine oil?

I take really good care of my car so why do I still have to change my oil? There is a lot more that goes into making sure your car is running properly and making sure it will last you a long time. Cleaning it and driving it carefully won't be the only thing that helps your car stay in good shape. There is a lot that goes on inside of the cars' engine that you don't really get to see.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is becoming more and more popular because of its many added benefits compared with just conventional oil. The most important factor is that it wears your engine better than conventional oil does so your vehicle will last longer. Synthetic oil also has compounds that allow you to drive for longer before you need to change your oil so you save money in the long run!

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I don’t drive much so do I really need to change my oil often?

In short, YES. Have you ever noticed that on those oil change stickers, that are in the corner of your windshield, it usually has a KM range AND a date on it? Well those both mean when you should get your oil changed whether you reach the designated KMs or the date. If you don’t drive much then you most likely will reach the date before the KMs. You might think that you can just wait till you reach the KMs but that’s not a good idea. Engine oil breaks down after a while and it becomes less and less effective and that is why you should always follow what that little sticker says and get your oil changed whatever comes first, the KMs or the date.

What does oil really do for my engine?

Why do we need to put oil in our engine and why do we have to change it so often? A vehicle’s engine has a lot of moving parts and these parts move against each other. What this does is it creates heat and this is where the oil comes in and helps control this. If your engine becomes too hot while operating, this will wear your engine more and you will most likely have to repair it sooner and this could become very expensive. That’s why it’s important to have good oil in your engine especially if you want your vehicle to last longer.