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When you reach out to us, we don’t delay in getting back to you. You can expect a same day response once you’ve filled out our form and submitted it with your information. We know that getting a vehicle can often be an emergency situation, we need vehicles to properly live our lives, so we’ll reach out to you quickly to start the process as efficiently as we can!

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Do you have Bad Credit? You are Approved!

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At Roadway Auto and Sport, we mean it when we say no credit situation refused!

Apply For Financing at Roadway Auto and Sport

Auto financing shouldn’t be hard, and at Roadway Auto and Sport we’ve made it easy thanks to our online credit application form, where you can get pre-approved in only a few simple steps. We cover it all, from helping you find the perfect vehicle to approving you online to dealing with any sort of credit history, we’ll get you a payment plan that fits within your means. Let’s start the process of getting you that dream vehicle, and apply for financing, today!

What Information is Needed to be Pre-Approved?

While getting pre-approved with us online is easy and simple, we still require a healthy selection of personal and financial information. We need all of this info because it all goes toward determining what you’re eligible for, given a number of factors like your employment, income, vehicle of interest, credit history and more. Since we’re dealing with money, and because each situation is different depending on the person and vehicle, there’s a lot of approval options that can be had to fit your budget. While we may only need base information to get the process started, we’ll need the entirety of it to ensure you properly qualify and are within payments that you can afford.